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Artist Bio

Karen McEachern Cass is an artist and teacher living in Hanover, Massachusetts. She currently teaches art at the Center Elementary School in Hanover. She received her BFA in Studio Art from Emmanuel College and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting from the Massachusetts College of Art. Having taught at several colleges and private schools in the Boston area, she later established Karma Studio, a private art workshop.

First and foremost, a professional painter, she devotes her studio time to creating unique oil paintings, charcoal drawings, collage and mixed media works. Her early paintings are visual stream-of-consciousness wanderings through pattern, rich color fields and fragments of the observable world around her. Glimpses of plants, pieces of furniture, interiors and other-worldly landscapes emerge as hints of an unfinished narrative, a vague memory or dream. The paintings invite the viewer to enter and become an active participant in finishing the story….The surfaces are seductive, rich in layered color and full of symbolic content. Ever reverent to Carl Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious, she juxtaposes archetypal imagery with heavily layered washes of color and pattern, which embed her quilt-like paintings with deeper meaning.

Her inspiration comes mostly from the intrinsic beauty found in nature and an ongoing fascination with the mysterious power yet fragile quality of memory. Her most recent work explores the ever-changing ebb and flow of water in its many forms. Her paintings urge the viewer to reflect on the rejuvenating and meditative qualities of our most precious natural resource and dive deeper into the mysterious world below the surface. Karen’s latest obsession is coral. The endless variety of shape, color and texture of these organic forms have seduced her senses and inspired a new series that is full of vibrant color, playful patterns and unexpected compositions.